The Socialist Forum of Ghana (“SFG”) has condemned the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department in the United States of America (USA).

It has also condemned the tradition of lethal, state-sponsored, racist, repression that continues to thrive in the USA after centuries.

In a statement, the SFG noted that all people are equal and there is no place for racism in the construction of a truly human civilization.

It also opined that racism has no scientific-biological basis, adding that skin colour is a minor adaptation that humans living in different parts of the world developed over hundreds of thousands of years.

SFG explained that racism as an ideology which emerged with modern slavery and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. European capitalists used “white superiority” to dehumanise all others and justify plunder, enslavement, colonisation, brainwashing, racism and even genocide.

It further stated that racism allowed capitalists to pretend a shared interest with the European working class. Racism allowed capitalists to claim a “civilizing” mission saving Africans from our unchristian ways.

SFG’s opposition to racism is not thus a matter of race-identification but of common historical and cultural heritage and recognition that the conditions for our advancement.

“In Africa are identical with that of Black Americans, people of “colour” and oppressed people everywhere the destruction of imperialism. Racism was sustained for centuries by powerful economic and political interests. Racism is no longer important for capitalist profit-making,” SFG stated.

SFG therefore made it known that it stands in complete solidarity with the frontline coalition of workers, students, and youth of all races and all genders that are confronting US establishment racism ideologically, culturally, and physically.

“Their struggle is our struggle. We stand also with all the forces of conscience around the world who are ensuring that the shameless racism of the Trump White House and the so-called MAG movement is exposed and isolated,” SFG stated.

According to the SFG, the US has not experienced this kind of unrest since the confluence of Civil Rights and antiwar movements in the 19605.

“The imperialist Establishment is justifiably worried that this uprising if not crushed, will spread and become revolutionary and challenge the insane privileges of the global financial elite. Far right elements of the Establishment have been preparing for decades to abandon the veneer of democratic consent and wage war on Americans as it does on the rest of the World,” it stated.

The SFG has therefore urged all its comrades to remain united and steadfast and to keep their eyes firmly on the prize.

“The only way to defeat a powerful, desperate and dangerous forces arranged against us, with their centuries of divide-and-conquer expertise, is to build the widest base of solidarity globally,” the SFG said.

It also stated that it will continue to educate and agitate and organize the masses here in Africa and will continue to stress the link between racism in the US and neo-colonialism in Africa.

“We call on organized labour, youth and student organizations, cultural organizations, religious and educational bodies to take clear positions on US racism and the democratic expressions underway all over the world.”

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