Belgium To Tighten Covid Measures After Rise In Cases

Authorities in Belgium have announced they are tightening coronavirus measures after a spike in cases.

People will be required to use face masks in crowded outdoor public spaces and take part in tracing measures at restaurants and bars. Night shops will have to close at 10pm, according to Reuters news agency.

More than 9,800 people have died in the country since the pandemic began.

Last week Belgium saw an average of 184 new infections per day last week, up by 89% on the previous week.

The government had been planning to loosen its lockdown restrictions further today, however the spike in cases stopped this from happening.

Prime Minister Sophie Wilmes said: “Announcing a strengthening of the rules is a hard blow for our morale, but we’d prefer to take these measures today than to regret it tomorrow.”

“These measures are not advice, they are orders,” she added.


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