We Are Not Getting Support From The Top Musicians – Brada Yawda


Upcoming musician popularly known as Brada Yawda has revealed the difficulties in promoting their own songs without any support from Ghanaian top musicians.

‘’ We are not getting support from the top artistes in Ghana to help in what we do’’ They noted.

According to Brada Yawda is difficult for Ghanaian musicians to get their songs featured on the international platforms due to lack of support.

‘’We believe it is high time Ghanaian media started creating the platform to cherish and promote their own artistes like other countries” they mentioned.

Speaking in an interview on Accra-Based Kingdom Drive show, Brada Yawda stated their situation as an example of what is happening in the Ghanaian music arena.

 He added that apparent penetration of foreign music is taking over in Ghana, hence something must be done to end it.

‘’Ghana we have good content and lyrics, We believe with a little push from the top musicians the music industry will sell better from what we are seeing now’’ they added.

They therefore call on all top musicians to support the young musician for better collaborations that can change the face of Ghanaian music.


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