VIDEO: Zimbabweans Divided Over The Demise Of Mugabe

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Ex-President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe has died. This was seen when, Zimbabwe’s education secretary Fadzayi Mahere tweeted: “Rest In Peace, Robert Mugabe.”
Robert Mugabe is the longest-serving president of Zimbabwe who served from 1980 till he was ousted in 2017.
Ever since the demise of the former Zimbabwean leader was announced,there have been mixed reactions from the people he once ruled .
Reporting on BBC World News from Zimbabwe , ace female broadcaster, Shingai Nyoka revealed that:
“Yes,Mugabe’s death has been the talk of everyone this morning…but people are going about doing their daily work…As many remember him for his leadership qualities, ie when he came into power in 1980,he was seen as a liberator ,a man who championed the rights of Black Zimbabweans and the rights of Black Africans, others too are remembering him as an oppressive and divisive figure…a man who used violence to stay in power”.Shingai revealed as monitored by
Robert Mugabe was born on February 21, 1924, in Kutama, Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). In 1963, he founded ZANU, a resistance movement against British colonial rule. Mugabe became prime minister of the new Republic of Zimbabwe after British rule ended in 1980, and he assumed the role of president seven years later. Mugabe retained a strong grip on power, through controversial elections, until he was forced to resign in November 2017, at age 93.
Younger Years and Education Robert Gabriel Mugabe was born on February 21, 1924, in Kutama, Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), just months after Southern Rhodesia had become a British Crown colony. As a result, the people of his village were oppressed by new laws and faced limitations to their education and job opportunities.
Mugabe’s father was a carpenter. He went to work at a Jesuit mission in South Africa when Mugabe was just a boy, and mysteriously never came home. Mugabe’s mother, a teacher, was left to bring up Mugabe and his three siblings on her own. As a child, Mugabe helped out by tending the family’s cows and making money through odd jobs.
Although many people in Southern Rhodesia went only as far as grammar school, Mugabe was fortunate enough to receive a good education. He attended school at the local Jesuit mission under the supervision of school director Father O’Hea. A powerful influence on the boy, O’Hea taught Mugabe that all people should be treated equally and educated to the fulfillment of their abilities. Mugabe’s teachers, who called him “a clever lad,” were early to recognize his abilities as considerable.
The values that O’Hea imparted to his students resonated with Mugabe, prompting him to pass them on by becoming a teacher himself. Over the course of nine years, he studied privately while teaching at a number of mission schools in Southern Rhodesia. Mugabe continued his education at the University of Fort Hare in South Africa, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and English in 1951. Mugabe then returned to his hometown to teach there. By 1953, he had earned his Bachelor of Education degree through correspondence courses.

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