Victor Smith Calls On Politicians To Desist From Insults Ahead Of 2020 Elections

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Ghana’s Former Ambassador to the UK, Victor Smith, has blamed the recent politics of insults and hate speech on Ghanaians politicians and their sympathizers who have devalued and destroyed the democracy of the country as well as it  cultural values .

Expressing his worries, he exclusively told Kwame Tutu on Kingdom FM’s Anopa Nkomo that, the utterances on the airwaves and social media by politicians without decorum, was not good enough for the country’s democratic dispensation.

He stressed on the issue that, insults, false claims and hatred has dominated the Ghanaian political discourse through the use of social media platforms.

Making reference to the history of Ghana’s Politics, he explained that whenever politicians want to defeat their opponent in an argument, they hit below the belt in order to frustrate you.

“During our time in school, we use to have a debate club. We had people who take different positions on the subject discussed, and there wasn’t anything like insults. We would just put in convincing arguments in order to win a debate or arguments”, he said.

He reiterated that, “Insults in politics can affect the thinking and desire of well-meaning people who are willing to support and help build better nation. Insult in politics is disheartening and therefore we have to change course in order to bring sustainable development in our country”

He therefore appealed to political leaders to come together and take decisive measures to deal with supporters and followers, whose action and inactions were likely to cause factions in the country.

He further advised followers, supporters and sympathizers of the two major political parties in Ghana not to get carried away because of the extreme partisanship but rather exercise restraints and put in convincing arguments in order to win debates.

“If you don’t have the facts do not try to bulldoze your way by insulting the person who is making a case”, he added.

By: Felicia Gyasiwaah Dadzie / Kingdom 107.7 FM / Kingdom TV/ / / Ghana / 2020

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