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Veteran Ghanaian actress, Janet Ackun well known as Maame Jane has detailed how the popular 90’s drama TV show, Osofo Dadzie ended under the Rawlings regime in 1981.

Speaking on Oman Channel on YouTube channel monitored by GhanaWeb, Maame Jane disclosed that the then military leader stopped the show from being aired on the state-owned GBC, which was the only TV station at the time, when it emerged that the group was being used for visa racketeering, and besides there was infighting among its members.

She explained that the group at a point had to travel for a tour overseas, but herself and other leading members were sidelined at the eleventh hour.

She however averred that due to her absence and that of the other leading members from the trip, the tour flopped.

“The first show was heavily attended but the next day was different. People started asking about us. News of our absence travelled far. So when they staged their third show only five people attended.

She said the promoter upon realizing the tour had flopped abandoned the group and the members had to resort to begging from some Ghanaians in the diaspora before they could return home.

According to Maame Jane, the late President Rawlings who had been informed of the development summoned the group and sought to find out what had transpired.

She said when asked all the members decided to stay quiet but she rose and gave details of all the happenings including how her visa and that of others were handed over to other people for the travel.

“We were asked why our names were approved for visas and we didn’t make the trip. Osofo Dadzie and B-Kissi were all afraid of telling the truth. I got up and told everything and it was there and then Rawlings declared that Osofo Dadzie will not be aired on TV again. So that was how Osofo Dadzie ended.”

Watch her interview below:


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