Though I Advocate For Its Legalization, I’ve Never Smoked Wee – Blakk Rasta

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Christopher Agbodo Ranson
Christopher Agbodo Ranson
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Blakk Rasta, a radio host who pushes for marijuana legalization, has reportedly disclosed that he has never tried the drug.

This was revealed by the history instructor during an interview with Abeiku Santana on Accra’s OKAY FM.

People are unaware about the benefits of marijuana, according to him, and hence blame those who use it, which he believes should be abolished.

“It’s true that I’ve never smoked pee.” Wee isn’t just for smoking. You were taken aback the first time you realized I didn’t smoke. The enthusiasm stems from the fact that so many people are unaware of the importance of wee. As a result, when they hear about it, they declare that the insane have arrived.

Wee isn’t about going insane or smoking cigarettes. “You’ll be horrified if I tell you what I use wee for,” he told Abeiku Santana.

“A lovely response sends away rancor in the book of psalms, and it’s also in proverbs,” he said when asked why he apologized to Parliament for implying they smoked marijuana.

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