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“A lot of people are afraid to do surgery because they don’t even understand how their body is going to react to it. Based on how your body is before you go into surgery, you might have it very bad or very good so they always advise that you’re eating well and basically preparing your body for what it’s about to go through”, she said.

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Adina urged that “Once you make sure that you’re healthy before you go in and you listen to what the doctors say, you will be fine. It’s not as crazy as a society may make it seem or look like”.

According to her, there was never a time when she felt so much pain just lying in bed simply because she had had surgery because she had enough medication and thankfully, had a very fast recovery.

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Adina confessed that her main reason for putting up that amazing, mind-blowing performance at the VGMA 2021 Xperience concert only 5weeks after surgery was to prove to people that there is still hope after surgery and there is still hope when you have a fibroid.

Adina has shared on her YouTube channel a video in which she shares her experience with fibroid. Her motive is to create awareness on fibroid and the need for every woman to understand the changes in their body before it is too late.

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