Thomas Partey has brought some buzz to Arsenal- Mikel Arteta

Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is enthused by the ‘buzz’ surrounding Ghana midfielder Thomas Partey following his arrival in London. 

The midfielder joined the Gunners on transfer deadline day after the club triggered his Atletico Madrid release clause.

His arrival has been met with high expectations from fans of the club, who believe he is the man to help them return to Premier League glory.

“Well he was here just yesterday, he is getting familiar with everything around the club,” Arteta said.

“Today he will have his first training session, so everything has to come really quickly for him. We knew that before we signed him that he is fit, he is very willing to start playing, and we will see how he goes in the next few days.

“I have seen the buzz around the place, the fans are really happy, I have seen some really positive reactions after we bought him, the same with the team, the squad, and the staff. I think he is a player we had the radar on for a long time, and we have managed to bring him in and I think he will be a really important addition to the team.

“He got to know some of his team-mates [already]. Not all of them, because some are still on international duty, but we will have everyone back today and it will be a good day for him to get to know everyone.”

Thomas Partey could make his Arsenal debut on Saturday when the London side plays Maanchester City. Manager Mikel Arteta believes the 27-year-old is ready for a role this weekend.

“I think it is something very individual, depending on many factors,” he said.

“How they settle first here in the city with their family, whether they speak the language or not, whether their qualities fit the team and the Premier League more straight away or if they need some adaptation and some development in those areas.

“It is very particular, you see some players adapt really quickly and some others taking a long time.”


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