January 21, 2021

New Micheal Essien, Mahamoud Gunaid Discovered In Ghana

Tamale city central midfielder, Mahamoud Gunaid has being discovered as one of the best upcoming midfielders in Ghana.

Mahamoud Gunaid.

 Gunaid has recently been linked with another box to box midfielder in former Ghanaian International, Micheal Essien, for his exceptional qualities in tackling and ball distribution across the field.

Several players have done well in the ‘Micheal Essien’ position for Chelsea and Ghana but nobody has been able to make that role their own and put their own name on it in Ghana like Mahamoud Gunaid.

Mahamoud Gunaid is still a young hence several clubs in Europe ,Asia have shown interest in the young budding chap.

The 20years old operates as a defensive midfielder, though he can function as a central midfielder if called upon. He also has a few appearances under his belt playing as an attacking midfielder, and as a right-back.

He is first and foremost a defensive player, more often than not, the last player behind the defensive line.

However, that does not make him static in where he positions himself on the pitch, quite the opposite actually. Gunaid is a player with incredibly high stamina, and that is evident in his action map for the season.

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