January 16, 2021

John Boye Advices Ghanaians On Coronavirus

Ghana Black Stars and FC Metz defender, John Boye, has sent a word of advice to Ghanaians on how to prevent themselves from the pandemic coronavirus.

He also tells how the situation of the Coronavirus is in France.


Speaking on Accra based Kingdom Tv, the 32-year-old defender, John Boye said,

“I plead with Ghanaians, they shouldn’t go out and they shouldn’t think that the Coronavirus is not serious but it is a very serious thing. For now that the thing has increased to 52 in Ghana, please stay in the house and take care of your family because it is the most important thing. The virus is very bad so be in the house and take care of your self.”

Talking about France’s situation on the Coronavirus pandemic, he claimed, because of the disease everyone is in the house and waiting for the time it will go down so that they can start general training but for now everyone is doing individual training in the house.

John Boye

He also said, policemen are in town and you have to pick forms on internet before you can go to some places like shopping mall.

“They don’t want to see more than three people together but you can only go out with your wife to buy your needs. If it is more than three or four people you will be dealt with,” he stressed.

Source: Kingdom Tv

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