Many teams in Europe are planning to deduct some amount from the salaries given to their players to support the fight against COVID-19.

Spanish club Athletico Madrid reportedly announced to apply the same to their players due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Some teams have also given their sports stadia (stadiums) to the Health Expert for temporarily use as health centers including Watford in England.

Many footballers have also donated money and equipment to their countries to fight the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Ghanaian defender, Kassim Nuhu Adams is one of the Ghanaian-foreign based footballers who plays for Fortuna Düsseldorf in Germany.

Speaking in an interview with Kingdom Tv, the Ghanaian footballer explained how the coronavirus outbreak is affecting Germany.

Because of this, his club Fortuna Düsseldorf has planned to slash about forty percent (40%) to support the fight of coronavirus pandemic in Germany.

“Our Club ‘Fortuna Düsseldorf’ are planning to slash our salary between forty to sixty percent due to coronavirus outbreak,” he revealed.

According to the source, the team are planning to also donate some amount and equipment to the health centers in Germany to help fight the coronavirus.

Credit: Kingdom Tv

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