South Africans Apologize To Africans Over Xenophic Attacks

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South Africans this weekend hit the streets of the country to apologize to Africans more especially Nigerians for the inhuman treatment meted out to them a few days ago in the form Xenophic attacks.
The South Africans held their hand and marched through their cities to expressed their sincere regrets for their actions
The sung songs of unity as they marched holding placards which have words speaking against xenophobia which they have been characterized with for the past decade.
They also pleaded with other African nations to return to South African because the country is safe now and no one will harm them again.
South Africans sparkes outrage among other African countries and the world over again a few days ago when they took to looting shops and destroying business belonging to blacks from other African countries.
They claimed the blacks were depriving them of jobs and they were also dealing in illegal business.
The Nigerians in South Africa suffered most in this year’s South African Xenophobic attacks. Some even lost their lives in the attack

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