Religion Is Not Good For Africans – Avraham Ben Moshe

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Delali Kukey
Delali Kukey
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Avraham Ben Moshe has said Religion Is Not Good For African and that the majority of Africans are adherents of Christianity or Islam which people often combine the practice of their traditional belief with the practice of Abrahamic religions.

According to him religion is causing more harm to people than good, he said religion limits our thinking and does not make us think far. Many people are subjected to a particular book (bible) which shows you what to do.

‘’A lot of people are falling into temptation and being deceived due to this religion, for me I think religion is not good for African’ ’he said.

Speaking with Fiifi Pratt on Afro Joint Show on Accra-based Kingdom FM 107.7, He added that religion put people in a standstill and limit you in everything that you do, adding that it’s very difficult for a Pentecostal agreed with a Methodist even though both of them are carrying the same bible. ‘’This shows that the person going to Pentecost have a different teaching and understanding while the other going to Methodist also has different teachings and understanding of the bible’’ he noted.

He stresses that a Pentecostal, Presbyterian and an SDA all serve the same God and preach with the same Bible but they are understanding towards the teachings are different.

‘’You can even attest to it that Muslim marrying a Christian is very difficult, as soon as you mention your tribe to your friend, the perception that the relationship will not work is key’’ he explain’’ For me religion is not good for me is not my thing.

Full video below:

By: Queenel Delali Kukey / Kingdom 107.7 FM / Kingdom TV/ / / Ghana / 2020

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