October 23, 2021

Referendum; LPG Calls For “YES” Vote Comes Decem …

The Liberal party of Ghana (LPG) has declared it’s position on the upcoming December 17 Referendum by endorsing the “YES” vote to repeal Article 55(3) of the Constitution.

The referendum seeks to amend the constitution to give electorates the power to elect directly their own Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs).

In an interaction with the media, the flag bearer of the party Hon. Kofi Akpaloo noted that, the amendment will allow smaller parties in the country to have hand in the development of the country at the district level. 

According to Hon. Akpaloo, With the members of the District Assemblies  already elected directly in an allegedly non-partisan way, Mr. Akpaloo believed that it is an open secret that the selections are partisan, and the political parties are deeply involved.

Nevertheless, Ghanaians must be entrusted the right to select directly themselves their MMDCEs as well as their MPs, and do so in an open, transparent, and partisan multi-party basis.

He finally declared the position of LPG that, they are for YES and therefore calling and appealing on all Ghanaians to vote ‘YES’ at the referendum on 17 December” .

–  Odiasempa Kwaku Ahiaku

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