October 23, 2021
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NPP UK Youth Cautions Opare-Addo

Throughout the world, and particularly in Africa, the Ghanaian democracy has and continues to stand out as one of the most important and enviable models for people who love peace.

Ghana is a country where the majority of the population are youthful. It is therefore not wrong to say that it is expected of the Ghanaian youth to emulate and continue the formidable law abiding legacy being laid down by our elders or forebears.

Unfortunately, the National Youth Organiser of the largest opposition party in Ghana has made it a long term goal to derail all the successes chalked, so far, as a democratic state with his misguided and irresponsible post on social media yesterday. George Opare Addo made this post on Facebook unprovoked; “The path we are traveling on is slippery and dangerous. Going forward our elections are going to be bloody and messy. People will choose to settle matters their own ways than resort to the courts.”

It is not known what his motives are but one of the assumptions that come to mind would be, perhaps, his colleague, Lawyer Henry Nana Boakye Nana B, has upstaged him in every aspect in the Youth leadership role and this could be another lazy approach for him to crawl back into the political limelight. Others have the opinion that the motive is solely to incite violence in the country to divert attention from his failure to motivate his party youth following the 2020 election defeat. Again, as lawyer himself, it would be worrying if indeed this callous post was intended to take a swipe at the Supreme Court Judges in-charge of the ongoing Petition by his party.

Fortunately, the young people of Ghana responded positively underneath his irresponsible post which sent a strong signal to the NDC’s Youth organiser, that the Ghanaian will not be fooled into disrupting our peace . Majority of the comments indicated that the young Ghanaian is very discerning and will not fall for unnecessary propaganda and negative incitement to create pandemonium in our country.

No one knows what provoked George Opare-Addo to have made the post on Facebook. However the advice the peaceful and law abiding Ghanaian youth would want to relay to him is in a quote by St Francis de Sales; “Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset.”

God bless and protect our sovereignty
God bless Ghana
— Richard Dahtus Gyamfi , Youth organizer, NppUK

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