The Acting Dean of the Local Government Institution, Fredrick Agyarko Oduro has pleaded with the Electoral Commission as well as various political parties in the country to use the current Bio-metric Voter’s Register for the 2020 general election in order for peace to reign during and after 2020 general election.

Speaking in an interview with Lawyer Ohene Gyan on Pae Mu Ka on Accra base Kingdom FM 107.7, he noted “During the 2016 general election some minors, as well as people from other countries, were brought to Ghana to cast their vote even though they were not citizens and should the EC compile a new voter’s register, these same political parties will try to do the same thing again.

This, as a result, will create confusion amongst them. Left with me alone, for the sake of the peace of this country I would wish the EC not to compile a new register”

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Making reference to the 1992 Constitution of Ghana, the Acting Dean of Local Government argued that “According to the Constitution there’s only one institution and not even the President has the power to say that we should compile a new register. It is only the Electoral Commission who has the right to compile a new voter’s register”

Educating Ghanaians on the system of government practiced in Ghana he explained that “Our system of government is based on rule of law. Even swearing in a President is based on the Constitution of Ghana.

Looking at our system of government, we have policies and laws that are used in governing the country. So the moment we side-step as a country we will be in big trouble. We should, therefore, allow the laws governing this country to work.”

Reacting to the Electoral Commission’s decision to compile a new voter’s register, Mr Agyarko said if anyone has any qualms with the Electoral Commission’s decision to compile a new voter’s register, the only resort is the Court of Law if they disagree with EC’s decision.

“But we cannot physically stop the EC from compiling a new register,” he told Lawyer Ohene Gyan.

Mr Agyarko, however, pleaded with the EC to find ways and means to use the current voter’s register.

“My plea to the EC is that whatever ways and means we can to use the current voters’ register, we should. My problem is during the 2016 elections, political parties were so aggressive that, there was so much attention at the various polling stations.

“No matter what, where there is well, there is always a way. The peace of this country is very important than any other thing. No political party can intimidate the citizens of this country, and on Election Day no macho man can save any single political party” he cautioned.

By: Felicia Gyasiwaah Dadzie / Kingdom 107.7 FM / Kingdom TV/ / feliciagyasiwaah9 / Ghana / 2020

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