The Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG) led by Founder,Mr Percival Kofi Akpaloo, has supported the Electoral Commission (EC) decision to reduce voting hours from 1700 hours to 1600 hours.
The Electoral Commission (EC) is considering reviewing the voting duration downwards ahead of the 2020 elections to improve the security of the polls.
The move is to allow for counting of ballots and collation of results before night falls and to facilitate the early declaration of election results.
That, ultimately, will help reduce the tension and suspicion that manifest when the nation is waiting for the results of general elections.
It said that would promote the security of elections and ensure early release of electoral results.
Mr John Amekah, the Acting Chairman of the LPG, told the Ghana News Agency in Accra that, it would enable security personnel at the various polling stations to observe counting of the ballots clearly.
“In this way, the media would play its watchdog role by making sure credible information is obtained and disseminated to Ghanaians and prevent those who want to disrupt the electoral process at the polling centres,” he said.
He however suggested to the EC to reduce the 750 voter ceiling in the voter register in each polling station so that people could vote before 1600 hours and reduce congestion at the polling centres.
“More so, the EC should make sure the result slips would be made available on time to all the contesting parties for them to sign so that they would serve as evidence as to the number of people who voted at each polling station.
“At the Collation Centres, the EC must ensure the result slips or sheets signed by the party agents were available, including the ballot boxes so that each party could get the results of the elections before the District Electoral Officer comes to announce the constituency results,” Mr Amekah suggested.
The LPG Chairman averred that it was prudent for the EC to involve all stakeholders including the political parties, civil society organisations and the public, to finalise its decision in order to get their co-operation.
By : Richard Obeng Bediako / Kingdom 107.7 FM / / / Ghana / 2019

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