September 17, 2021

Independent Candidate Joins NPP

The Independent Candidate, Nana Asiedu Ofei who contested as a Member of Parliament in the 2016 general elections in the Akuapem North Constituency has officially joined the ruling New Patriotic Party as a new member.

According to Nana Asiedu Ofei ,under the watch of President Akufo-Addo, there have been massive infrastructural development ongoing in the Akuapem North constituency.

He believes the Akufo-Addo administration is on track and should be supported to fulfill all their campaign promises during the 2016 electioneering campaign.

He has also denied fraud allegations leveled against him and describe the story as a calculated attempt to tarnish his hard working earned reputation.

Hon. Asiedu Offei has been accused in a story circulating on social media of issuing and possessing counterfeit currencies which is illegal and defrauding recipients.

But, he is blaming his opponent in the upcoming Assembly elections for circulating such this unfortunate story to defame him.

”I will never involve myself in any shady deal which i know will bring shame to myself and family, as an honourable man fraud will be the last thing to do”, he said.

Below is a full statement

Address  by  Nana  Asiedu Ofei

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, Nananom, heads of institutions,  natives of  okuapeman here in gathered, I thank you all for honoring my invitation to be here despite the short notice.

My name is Nana Asiedu Ofei, a road and building contractor with many years experience and also a merchant.  I double as the presiding member of the Akuapem North municipal Assembly.

For few of you who have been around for a while and followed the politics and development of Okuapeman, you will recall that, I contested as an independent candidate in the 2016 general elections.

Without blowing my own horn, I garnered 9,092 votes of the total valid votes cast, beating the NDCs parliamentary candidate and placing second after the NPP candidate now Member of Parliament for Akropong constituency Nana Ama Dokua.

It is worth putting on record that I’m the only independent candidate in the 2016 elections to have secured the highest vote.  From 2017, I have followed keenly the Development prospects of Akuapem North Constituency which I had wanted to lead as their Member of Parliament in 2016.

Key among these projects I have seen being done by Nana Akuffo Addo and Nana AmaDokua. There’s massive infrastructural development ongoing in almost all the 8 secondary schools in the constituency.

For instance, In Okuapemman School, a 15-unit classroom block has been constructed in addition to 2 new dormitory blocks. In Mt Sinai SHS alone, 4major projects have be done.

They include a dormitory block (completed), classroom block (ongoing), new dormitory block (ongoing) and ultra-modern toilet facility. Benkum SHS has also gotten classroom a block and an ultra-modern toilet facility, Larteh PSTS has gotten 2 storey classroom block and a 2 storey dormitory, Mampong PRESEC and Mangoase SHS have both gotten classroom blocks and Dormitory.

Each community in the constituency has gotten their fair share of the projects under this administration.

With all these ongoing projects, it’s only fair and prudent to throw my support solidly behind the sitting president and MP to continue the good works being done for mother Ghana and Akuapem North.

I have invited you here to announce my decision to officially join the New Patriotic Party and support their course.

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, prior to the NPP and Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo’s assumption of office, I paid several school fees to NGO’s and individuals, hospital bills, among others.

However, the introduction of Free Senior High School and other brilliant policies by the NPP government have reduce the huge financial burden on me to support the needy and vulnerable in school among other enterprises.

This has influence my decision to join the New Patriotic Party to facilitate development and make Okuapeman a much more better place to be.

Subsequently, in March 2017, I approached the then NPP polling station chairman for Demonstration Primary polling station, Mr. Yaw Gyamfi who admitted me into the polling station roll book. From there, I went to the constituency office to acquire an NPP membership card duly signed by the then constituency chairman, chairman Bekoe on 4th JUNE 2017. I further acquired a national party card numbered ER1737100060 by signed by the then acting General Secretary on 28th September 2017.

Prior to theelections, I was the assembly member for the Mpeniase electoral area in Akropong, a position I have held for sixteen years on merits.

 After the 2016 elections, burning with the desire to be a part of the development of Okuapeman, I contested for and won the Presiding Member position in the assembly, a position I held for two consecutiveterms(4 years).

  I am humbled to say that with my long stay in the assembly, have gathered vast knowledge in community development.

 Before the 2016 elections, I embarked on eighty-six projects in 50 communities within Akuapem North Municipality. Some of these include but not limited to,

  • Renovation of a 10 year old abandoned block at the Akropong school for the blind.
  • Construction of 5 boreholes in Akropong including the one at the district police headquarters
  • Renovation of Mampong Market
  • Construction of a foot bridge at Amanokrom
  • Fixing of streetlights and many more.


Ladies and Gentlemen,Recently it has come to my notice that a story is being circulated to tarnish my image. Let me state emphatically that i am not a fraudster and have never been a fraudster. In 2016, during my bid to run as an independent candidate, this issue was raised and the national security as well as BNI informed. In the end, I was cleared of any wrongdoing after a thorough investigation was conducted on the matter. I have attached copies of the CID report for everyone’s perusal.

It’s sad to know that my opponent in the assembly election decided to peddle this untrue storythat I have been cleared off by the CID. His intent I guess is to defame me and make him look better a candidate in the eyes of electorates.

One of the reasons why I called for this press conference was to make available to the media the CID report that exonerated me from any wrongdoing and as a result safeguard my hard earned reputation which I have worked for over the years.

Lastly, during my run as an independent candidate in the last General elections, some people from the NPP supported me, and as a result had their membership forfeited, pursuant to the party’s constitution,many of such people are gathered here with me today. I recommend that, in the interest of the party, they be accepted back into the party. I come with them into the fold and pray that they be received just as warmly as I have been received.

Thank you all for your time.

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