A scribe of the Ghana National Association of Small Scale Mining (GNASSM) has said Ghanaians need a credible independent leader to champion their aspirations as a people devoid of political persuasions.

Michael Adu Gyamfi, Ashanti District Secretary of the association said the dominance of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Ghana politics has not benefited the people as the two political parties have pursued their own agenda without recourse to the welfare and interest of the people they claim to seek.

He explained that since the NPP and NDC governments have not been able to solve our problems as governments are supposed to do, the credible option is to encourage an independent leader to take up the mantle of leadership and exploit the expertise of indigenes with good track records from all political backgrounds to function in the government.

Mr. Adu Gyamfi suggested that such an independent leader could tap on the expertise of equally credible personalities, professionals and technocrats from all political leanings to work towards national development.

He noted that it is time Ghanaians kick against the NPP and NDC to create the awareness of the need for a credible independent leader to neutralize the positions of the two main political parties to move the nation forward.

The concerned GNASSM scribe called for protests against the same mistakes the NPP and NDC alternately commit over the years and move away from the politics of deceit.

He has therefore called for the awakening of pressure groups to create the required awareness of the need for a paradigm shift in the system of governance.

According to the former broadcast journalist, until Ghanaians moved away from the NPP and NDC which he said were bereft with ideas to move the country forward, nothing good would come their way.

Adu Gyamfi indicated that political parties with their own agenda have added to the woes of this country and said it is time the people correct the situation instead of leaving the destiny of the country and the people in the hands of greedy politicians.

“The woes of this country have been the same since 1992 when the country was returned to civilian rule and yet no positive change is in view in spite of the professed efforts by political parties to salvage the country from socio-economic and political doldrums”, he noted.

Pix: Michael Adu Gyamfi, Ashanti District Secretary of GNASSM

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