October 22, 2021

Election Violence In Ahafo Has Ended – Regional Minist …

The Minister for Ahafo Region, Hon Evans Opoku Bobie, has assured the people of the region that henceforth elections violence will not happen again in the region now that Ahafo is declared as a region.

Hon. Evans Opoku Bobie who doubles as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Asunafo North Constituency disclosed this when he met the chiefs and people of Asunafo South and Asutifi South Districts at Kukuom and Hwidiem respectively to highlight some of the security measures put in place by the government after the people voted massively for the creation of the region in 2018.

Addressing them, the Regional Minister explained that the country’s president is one person who does not entertain and endorse violence generated from elections so he is doing all it can to assist the region which is prone to violence to be elections violence-free as the country is gearing up for presidential and parliamentary elections on 7th December 2020.

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According to him, now the region can boast of Police Regional Commander who is to ensure that maximum peace prevails in the region to allow the people to undergo their daily activities irrespective of where they find themselves and time involved.

The Police Regional Commander will see to it that there is an absolute rapport between the people and the police in order to ‘fish out’ the bad nuts in the system for the law to deal with them.

He expressed that five(5) additional District Police Commanders are posted to the region to beef up the security at the district levels. The five will support the ones the region already has in order to enhance security matters.

In addition, the Minister said currently 46 police officers have been posted to the region all in the name to ensure that residents are free from all kinds of criminal activities that have been with them for long.

Aside from these, police vehicles are made available for patrols all the time. Now the police are able to move around all the time being morning and evening to scare people with criminal brains. Again people can easily alert the police patrol team in case they sense any criminal move.

Hon. Evans Opoku Bobie who spoke passionately said the region is underdeveloped as expected due to several factors of which one is elections violence so all must come together to support the government headed by President Nana Addo to end the menace which has put the region on the map in a wrong manner.

Ahafo Regional Minister, Hon. Evans Opoku Bobie

He said if you tell people you are from Ahafo Region then you are tagged to be criminal and someone who does not embrace peace and development.

He revealed that a District like Asunafo South has been using all it funds for development to combat violence which should not be so. He explained, he being the head of the Regional Security Council (REGSEC) will ensure that peace is enjoyed to the fullest in the region to bring development.

He said there will be no investors in the region for development if the violence is not ended now.

The Chiefs and the people assured him to support the government to marshal ways to end violence in the region before, during and after the general elections.

From Sammy Asare, Ahafo Panaaba.

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