June 14, 2021


The Presidential candidate of the Liberal Party of Ghana (LPG) Kofi Akpaloo has been ridiculed by some residents of Cape Coast naming him as ‘President Biscuit’ after he refused to share money but gave them biscuits.

The residents speaking on Rainbow Radio said they felt disappointed after discovering that the presidential aspirant was sharing biscuits.

The residents disclosed they had received monetary gifts from some political parties who campaigned in the area and were expecting Akpaloo to have followed that example.

According to them, when the NDC and NPP come to campaign in the area, they share gifts including matchboxes, and when they open the boxes, they see money, hence Akpaloo could have done the same.

“I saw him sharing something and thought it was money, that was the reason why I came here. But only to discover that it was a biscuit. I am disappointed in him,” a resident said.

Another said, “when the political parties come here, they give us money, and we expected Akpaloo to have done the same, but he gave us biscuits. Because of this, we will call him ‘President Biscuit’.”

Meanwhile, Mr Akpaloo has reiterated he will not share money for votes.

He wants the residents to vote for him so they will enjoy his policies including the monthly allowance for children below 18 years and unemployment benefits.

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