TV personality and comedienne Valentina Agyeiwaa, known popularly as Afia Schwarzenegger, has said that if the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) had respect for Ghanaians, they would not have selected Prof. Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang as the running mate for the December 7 presidential election.

Afia has been attacking NDC supporters on social media after they opened fire on her for allegedly trying to mock their running mate.

She had posted on social media with a picture of the NDC running mate and said “hair and make-up on point” but the NDC supporters said she was mocking their running mate and therefore started attacking her, calling her all sorts of names, including  “hungry celebrity” and being “ugly”.

Afia, who until recently was a staunch NDC supporter, believes the NDC does not take Ghanaians seriously; hence, its decision to present Prof. Jane Naana as a running mate, suggesting she is a wrong vice-presidential material.

“I don’t remember saying anything wrong about anybody. Somebody wore a make-up on TV and I said make-up on point. I didn’t insult her. Nobody can say make-up on point is an insult but you people are bleeding. Lack of common sense. When someone says make-up on point is not an insult but who am I to talk to a bruised lion,” she reacted to the attacks on her.

When you were sharing contracts to women, did you give some to me? When Akufo-Addo was bringing ‘Year of Return’, Afriyie Ankrah was sending celebrities to Brazil. Do you know what is in your cobwebs …Don’t bring yourselves? If I am hungry who made me hungry…it was NDC. I’m very ugly and was uglier but I used that to campaign for you in the past. I was fighting for you and you were sharing cash to ladies.”

“You blamed celebrities for your loss when we campaigned for you for only three months. When it comes to trading of insults, the headquarters is here so you can bring yourselves and I am ready for you.”

Afia continued, “I have comported myself because I have had intelligent and mature people talking to my brains. The way you are going you won’t even get the 44 per cent you got the last time. If you are not careful you won’t even get 34 per cent.”

“Where did I say the woman is ugly? You wouldn’t have brought this woman as a running mate if you indeed had taken this country seriously,” she fired.

Afia was one of the die-hard showbiz personalities who campaigned for the NDC’s John Dramani Mahama leading up to the 2016 general election which sent the NDC into opposition.

But she recently came out to publicly to endorse President Akufo-Addo, saying he “deserves a second term in government.”

Some of her reasons for the switch include the President’s policy on education, giving every child free access to education. The others were he providing freebies such as electricity, water and others to Ghanaians.

Since her endorsement of President Akufo Addo, Afia has received a lot of vilification from members of the NDC. The recent one being after she praised Prof. Jane Naana’s make-up.

According to Afia, she is ready for the NDC supporters and stated that she has nothing to boast of after her five years of support and dedication to the NDC, but when Akufo-Addo came into government, he (President) has employed her brother despite her campaigns against him in 2016.

“I am respecting people who are talking to me and that is why I am keeping quiet. You are mad. If I am hungry, it is all because of the NDC. Aren’t you ashamed that the five years that I spent with you people I’ve got nothing to boast of? When you were sharing contracts to the women did you regard me?” she quizzed.

She added that some members of the NDC claim that her move to the NPP was influenced by money, but she says that her U-turn was as a result of the remarkable performance of the NPP government.

“I will pay no heed to your foolish footsoldiers in my comment session. I campaigned for the NDC with my so-called ugly face, I don’t remember saying anything wrong against anybody… do you think I care about your insults? … When my ex-husband circulated my nudity, which member of the NDC even cared to pick a phone to console me? Are you mad?”

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