The group raised concerns following the NPP defeat in Jomoro in a press statement.

Some concerned youth group of the ruling New Patriotic Party in the Jomoro constituency of the Western region are blaming their parliamentary loss in the just-ended 2020 elections on the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) Ernest Kofie.

Below is the full statement.

This issue is nothing secret in the Constituency, even a 10yr old born in the Constituency is aware that Ernest Kofie contributed immensely to the defeat of the Member of Parliament, Hon. Essien by using the Assembly to work against his efforts. Ever since he was appointed, there was a clear indication that he was not ready to work with the Member of Parliament and for that matter set up a parallel team to counter all policies and activities of the party executives and the MP. This parallel team included, the Presiding Member, some Assembly members aligned to the party and former constituency executives.

It will shock you to know that ever since he was appointed, he never spent resources on the development of the party neither to openly support the efforts of the MP. He made things looked so clear to the people in the Constituency that, he was in competition with the MP. During the campaign season, he resourced his team to preach “skirt and blouse” mostly at Half Assini, Kengen Atubanso, Adu Suazo, Nuba, Takinta and other parts of the Constituency.

He was ably supported by the Western Regional Second Vice Chairman of the party in executing this agenda.

To make things difficult, he selected and put some of the Assembly Members on his personal payroll where he gave them money every month to keep them doing the dirty work.

Do you also know that he couldn’t print a single T-shirt to support the President and the party?

Do you also know that he met his team, I mean those Assembly members on his payroll on Tuesday just after the parliamentary results to congratulate them for their role in making sure Hon. Essien lost?

The Constituency executives saw this and appealed to both the Regional and National executives including the Chief of Staff at the presidency but no one responded. 

Jomoro Constituency didn’t vote against our MP but internally, the MCE and his cohorts masterminded and executed our loss.

After Hon. Ernest Kofie has succeeded in making the party lose the parliamentary seat, we don’t think the presidency will make such a mistake again by leaving the Municipal Assembly in his hands, and some selfish individuals who never spent a penny in the election but rather exhibited strong hatred and ungratefulness to the same party that appointed them.

Factors that caused the loss of the Parliamentary Seat in Jomoro are  not far different from what is being said in other Constituencies.

My president see how these ingrates nearly caused you the second term upon these massive development and interventions.

To avoid future occurrences, we humbly request that, Hon. Ernest Kofie shouldn’t be given the node to continue his work as Municipal Chief Executive of Jomoro.

Thank you.

*Concerned NPP Youth of Jomoro Constituency

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