Police Declare War On Reckless Riders With ‘Operation PAARI’

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The Ghana Police Service have outdoored a holistic strategy dubbed ‘Police Action Against Rider Indiscipline (OPERATION PAARI)’ to deal with the many problems of rider indiscipline on the country’s roads.

The problems, according to the Police, include; riding through traffic lights, the non-wearing of crash helmets and general disregard for road traffic regulations.

According to a statement issued by the Police, this initiative has multiple phases with the first phase currently rolled out, involving the deployment of a team of Police riders with body cameras to monitor the conduct of riders at major intersections and other strategic locations.

“The teams will follow offending riders and arrest them at convenient and safe locations. Such riders will be prosecuted, named and shamed,” the statement continued.

The Ghana Police explained that this move has become necessary due to motorcycles accounting for the leading cause of road accident-related deaths and the second leading cause of road accident injuries.

Ghana Police introduce ‘Operation PAARI’ to deal with rider indiscipline

The statement from the Police, dated April 7, noted that the Service will continue to engage all stakeholders to find a lasting solution to the problem.

“We would like to caution the riding public to be self-disciplined and follow traffic regulations. We are, as usual, counting on the support of the public to make this programme a success,” the statement further stated.

Read the full statement below:

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