Pockets Of Political Violence – The Ill Action Of Madam Hawa Koomson.

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To the Ghanaian, the most important thing is partisan politics. Nothing comes before or after unproductive, Nation wrecking politicking.
The thinking of the average Ghanaian that the politician wields the greatest power and must be protected at all cost is the fundamental reason this beautiful Nation remains backward and underdeveloped.

Since the inception of the current democratic dispensation, hundreds have died over period of time. Many more have become incapacitated due to injuries from political violence.

Yet no politician has suffered any consequences for their actions and inactions that have formented troubles and caused human lives.

Mention one if you know any.

One thought that as many more people are getting educated the situation will change because citizens would have become enlightened. Unfortunately no, the so called educated ones are the very people behind fuelling the tensions and their fellows who fails to think through before they defend goes to town to defend.

Unfortunately millions of them live in abject poverty. Have nothing to their names.

Hypocritical as this Ghanaian society is, we failed to acknowledge the killing of the young man pictured below in the Banda Constituency barely a week ago.

The Peace Council acted deaf and dumb. The so called Intellectuals claiming to be doing security analysis didn’t hear.

The ordinary Ghanaian, as the politicians calls us didn’t/doesn’t care about the young man’s death. No body is being held for his death as of today. The NPP , NDC as usual blamed each other.

The two parties have made every institution and individual a stooge.

It’s only what they want that must happen.

I don’t understand why people are so angry at the Special Initiatives, Minister Hawa Koomson, for firing a warning shot.

I am not attempting to justify her actions but seek to find why the death of a human being didn’t bother the citizens of this Nation but just the firing of a gun.
Something that caused no human life.

Is this country a serious one ?

Is there any group of people who are so consumed by fruitless politics than Ghanaians?

This Nation is sinking in all spheres of life. You may disagree because you refuse to see or think.

It is time some good men rise to help change the status quo.

Those calling for Hawa Koomson’s head must be ashamed of themselves.

Kwame Osei Tutu.
Asante – Kromoase.

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