Peter and Paul Reconcile After A Five-Year Separation

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Christopher Agbodo Ranson
Christopher Agbodo Ranson
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Peter and Paul Okoye, twin brothers and musicians from the former PSquare music group, have reconciled.

After five years apart, the identical brothers made peace and hugged each other. The reunion was shown in a video that went viral on Twitter on Wednesday night.

On their day of reconciliation, Peter and Paul had chosen to celebrate their birthdays together. They wished each other a happy birthday on their separate Instagram profiles, not forgetting social media users.

Jude Okoye, their manager, and brother, was also seen in Peter’s house where the reunion took place, proving that he was not missing in action.

The twin brothers were seen following each other on Sunday, implying that they were on the verge of reconciling after they had split ways.

The group reportedly split on September 25, 2017, following which Peter allegedly sent a termination letter to the group’s lawyer. According to the article, the duo split up in 2016 due to a disagreement about their manager’s job.

After the reconciliation, the next step will be to see where the duo takes their fans, who are eager to see their first cooperation after five years apart.

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