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    People Thought I Caused The Breakup But… – Praye Tintin

    Praye Tintin of the defunct music group, Praye, has disclosed contrary to the notion that he caused the group’s break up, it was the other members of the team who pushed him aside.

    Speaking on SVTV Africa, he said his group members deserted him in the beginning, but many of their fans thought he was to blame for their break-up.

    ”People think Tintin is the overbearing one, and I was the ‘confusion man’ who caused the break, but you don’t know me. They don’t know that I’m the humble one.”

    “Our craft demands that I became hyper when performing. Some see me as a stubborn guy, and they are surprised when they meet me,” he said on Daily Hustle Worldwide.

    The rapper added that after the group’s break-up, he did not see himself as a relevant member until Eugene and Big J decided to revive the group.

    ”I would say that in the beginning, I was pushed aside, and I didn’t think my absence would affect the group much but they realized that the group was missing something, and they had to bring me back.”

    According to Praye Tintin, the group’s separation helped them improve themselves because they had distinct roles and had to learn to do other things after the split-up.

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