Pass LGBTQ+ Bill Now – NDC communicator To Parliament

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Delali Kukey
Delali Kukey
QueenDelaDela, Broadcast journalist very passionate about what i do.

The NDC Minority Caucus in Parliament has called on parliament to stop delaying the passing of the anti-Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Bill to avoid more young people getting into it due to financial difficulties in the country.

According to the NDC, they support the promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill 2021, otherwise called Anti-LGBTQ Bill.

“We the NDC Minority Caucus remain resolute in our position to the introduction, formalization, and legalization of the anti-LGBTQ Bill in its entirety, in whatever shape or form or character.

Speaking on the matter on ‘’Accra-based Kingdom Anopa Nkomo’’ with Okogyeabour Ocran, Communication Team Member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Lawrence Lamptey noted that the rate at which the youth are being lured into the LGBTQ is alarming, adding that parliament must put proper measures in please to pass the bill as soon as possible.

As representatives of the people, it’s their right to protect the moral fiber of the Ghanaian society, promote the cohesion and unity of the country, and more importantly, preserve the country’s time-tested practices and beliefs which have kept the people together as one country.

He, therefore, urged the youth to desist from LGBTQ because money hence is a demonic art and will destroy them for the rest of their lives.

I want to tell all youth to desist from the art because anyone who is a victim does not have a normal human life, but serious health complications that are incurable. 

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