Palm Oil Producers To Curb Fake Oil On Market Through Digitalization

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President of Artisanal Palm Oil Millers and Outgrowers Association, Paul Amaning has reiterated that his outfit in collaboration with Food And Drugs Authority (FDA) has made a giant effort by introducing digital technology into the palm oil industry to curb the menace of Sudan IV Dye.

He stated that, as part of measures in dealing with fake palm oil in Ghanaian markets the introduction of digitalization and traceability would help in removing this fake method out of the system in the country.

Paul Amaning opined that the introduction of a digital technology into the palm oil space would also ensure authentic and healthy palm oil product for the global market.

The training activities are taking place in Boadua,Kade,Asuom,New Abirem, Akokoaso,Juaben, Twifo Prado, and Twifo Heman.

The Food And Drugs Authority and Artisanal Palm Oil Millers and Outgrowers Association has developed an app for both App Store and Play Store to enable consumers track the source of palm oil and its producers before purchase or consumption—all in an effort in getting rid of Sudan IV Dye palm oil.

According to Paul Amaning, the palm oil industry is going to adopt this digital approach to help in making sure all its producers produce pure and hygienic palm oil to help Ghana meet the world market specification.

Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) in collaboration with Artisanal Palm Oil Millers and Outgrowers Association of Ghana started a two-week digital training programme starting May 23rd May, 2022 for oil palm processing producers to enable them attain the high-quality oil palm production in the country.

The effort, expected to enhance market access for workers in the palm oil value chain in producing districts, would also ensure that finished products meet both local and international market standards.

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