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Photos: World’s Most Fertile Mother Stopped From Having More Kids

  Doctors have finally found a way to stop Mariam Nabatanzi, said to be the world’s most fertile woman from having more kids. The 36-year-old Ugandan woman…

AUDIO: BREAKING: Xenophobic Attacks Resume, Shops And Residential Buildings Burnt

  News from South Africa says some South Africans have started attacking Nigerian residents in that country. According to an African migrant, who spoke to Kwame…

Four Dead In Bangladesh Riot Over Offensive Facebook Post

  (CNN)Four people were killed Sunday when Bangladesh police fired on a crowd after clashes erupted over a…

Kenya’s Brigid Kosgei: School dropout, mother of twins and world record-holder

Athletes often have that one thing that fuels their determination to succeed and for women’s marathon world record-holder Brigid Kosgei, it is her…

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