July 30, 2021

Election Is Here Again- Felicia Gyasiwaah Dadzie Writes

Less than eleven months from now, Ghanaians will again exercise their franchise to elect a new president or keep the sitting president as well as elect new parliamentary representatives.

This is the time our political leaders pretend that they have the issues and interests of Ghanaians at heart.

It is, therefore, the only time in a four-year term that Ghanaians get the rare opportunity to question our politicians truly hold them to account.

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Ghanaians will soon be in the midst of furious campaigns ahead of the presidential and parliamentary elections on December 7.

Various political parties will be heard and seen running advertisements in newspapers and on radio and television as they always do in every election year. Every available space will be covered with the party’s posters and flags. At times more than seven posters and flags of different presidential and parliamentary candidates will be squeezed around one street light pole in the form of campaign.

The time is here again when some selfish and unpatriotic politicians will be campaigning for the vote of the ordinary Ghanaian man and woman on the street as every vote counts in an election. Politicians will be seen visiting ghettos, houses, market places, offices, whilst they canvass door-to-door.

While politicians are always seen living a luxurious lifestyle, and touring around the globe having fun, some Ghanaian families do not even know where to get their next meal from.

The standard of education in our country keeps deteriorating. Meanwhile, our political leaders keep educating their children outside of Ghana.

This is the time to say NO to such politicians.

This is the right time for Ghanaian youth to wake up and give a deaf ear to such politicians and also avoid politicians who try to buy their votes by giving them laptops, motorbikes, phones, food, T-shirts, and cash.

We shouldn’t see our political opposites as enemies therefore we should not allow politicians to divide us.

I am therefore appealing to the youth especially to vote for candidates who have a vision for our country and who will alleviate or reduce the sufferings of the ordinary Ghanaian irrespective of tribe, political affiliations, religion or region.

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For the youths who will have the notion that whether they vote or not it will be the same, I want to advise them to come out and exercise their civic duty because their vote counts and it will make a great difference.

We are all Ghanaians, Ghana is the only country we have, our country is bigger than any political party, any individual, therefore the interest of the country should always be above anything else.

By: Felicia Gyasiwaah Dadzie / Kingdom 107.7 FM / Kingdom TV/ Kingdomfmonline.com / feliciagyasiwaah9@gmail.com / Ghana / 2020

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