October 22, 2021


Eric Adjei writes…

Rise up this mornin’
Smiled with the risin’ sun
Three little birds
Pitch by my doorstep
Singin’ sweet songs
Of melodies pure and true
Saying’, (this is my message to you)

Now this is my message to you..

On 7th January, 2017, power changed hands from the NDC to the NPP, an occasion characterized by incidence no Ghanaian would want to revisit for the embarrassment it subjected us all to, should I remind those wondering that, for the first time a president in his inaugural speech stole and read verbatim speeches of other presidents. Anyway that is the least of my worry at the moment.

This morning on my routine monitoring of the EC’s new voter register compilation exercise, an exercise that have been condemned by every level headed Ghanaian citizen, I at a point kept thinking, so what happened to our security, what happened to the very peaceful Ghana we enjoyed between 2009 and 2016, what happened?

It is painful to see all our gains in terms of global recognition run down the drain as though we woke up one night to find ourselves there.

Before 7th January, 2017, the day I said no Ghanaian wants to remember, we saw and heard some sporadic cases of vandalism across the country, we thought that was going to be an isolated case and considering the amount of time, patience and resilience invested in our democracy, that was going to be the end. Little did we know we were going to see worse than that.

I am sad to tell the pieces of the puzzle are finally being brought together and we all know is being arranged, a grand picture of the entire personality of the very vindictive president we have, the very person who preached violence severally on his campaign platforms.

Months after his assumption of office, a group of thugs associated with his party besieged and attacked a Kumasi court and the justice of the court, but for the fact that the judge was once an athlete, the story would have been different. You know what? Your president, a supposed human right lawyer watched this go.

The murder of Ahmed Suale, who with his Tiger eye group vowed to unearth all corrupt acts, here in Ghana is still fresh in our minds, our president the human right lawyer once again did not even say a word to suggest he sympathized with family of the journalist who worked all his life to make Ghana and Africa a better place free of a form of corruption.

3 girls were kidnapped in Takoradi, this our president did absolutely nothing about.

2 Canadians were kidnapped by a known member of the NPP, I am sure but for the government of Canada’s seriousness those Canadian citizens would have been watched to perish just like our president watched on for the 3 Takoradi kids to perish.

In 2018, the story of how thugs or hoodlums as those who know them very well call them associated with the president’s party, were dressed in a national security uniform, trained for 2 weeks, in their leaders own words, were unleashed on the people of Ayawaso, to brutalize innocent Ghanaians including a sitting member of parliament, this incidence brought the president the golden opportunity to end political vigilantism for good, this time too our human right lawyer told the 3-member commission, “mate nanso me nfa da” to wit “to hell with your advice, Gabby and Asante Bediatuo can you dump this white paper in the dustbin for me?”

Recently in Ejura-Sekyere Odumase constituency, the parliamentary candidate on the ticket of the opposition NDC was attacked and was beating to stupor, our president never heard and never saw it.

Recently in the Banda constituency, a teacher trainee was stabbed to death by the brother of the Parliamentary candidate for NPP in that constituency, one Mr Joe Danquah, the president’s appointee, the CEO of a government agency. Our human right lawyer did not see this, neither did he hear this, even though every single local media house in Ghana made a story on that, our president however was quick to commiserate with the family and people of the United States for the death of a United States Congress man.

On 20th of July, 2020, barely 5 months into the general election, we saw a sitting member of parliament and a minister of state, in a Rambo style firing at civilians at a registration centre in her constituency, an incident she has admitted, supported by the numerous videos going round, yet it is 24 hours and our human right president has not commented on this, he’s shown no sign of making the dishonorable minister resign and seem to support he display yesterday.

George Andah another minister of state and an MP was seen holding a pump action gun, flaunting it, sending a message to his opponents, a clear message that even if I shoot your leg or heart nothing would happen to me. Your human right lawyer of course wouldn’t see this.

It is interested how the security of this country is deteriorating by day and we seem not to care. If for nothing at all, we enjoyed peace between 2009 and 2016.

With all this happening, one can only come to the conclusion that, all those who say our president is at the middle of the scheme to destabilize the peace of this country are right. Yes they are.



Eric Adjei,
Deputy communications officer
Bono Region.

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