October 16, 2021

Benjamin Nsiah’s Take on the President’s Address …

Deputy National Communications Director for the Convention People’s Party [CPP], Benjamin Nsiah,has expressed his opinion about President Akufo-Addo’s 5th address to the nation in the fight to control the spread of COVID-19.

Below Is A Full Statement

This year we are expecting a revenue from taxes and other government sources to fall by almost 60% of projected because of Corona, and government comes with such a wonderful stimulus package without telling Ghanaians how much that is going to cost Ghana and Ghanaians.

Ghanaians should be ready to service more debt in the future because the government will have to go for more loans or use the Heritage Fund to fund this Stimulus package.

By the way, why didn’t he add electricity. Proper simulation of the alternatives will tell you fewer people use water from GWCL so the cushion on the Ghanaian will not be that much felt. Again, the cost of producing electricity in Ghana is cheaper or lower now yet the kwph is still sold to Ghanaians at the same price. The assumption of lower cost of producing is due to the reduction in the prices of alternative energy sources like the HFO or RFO or Natural gas. For instance, Brent sells crude oil at $22 dollars instead of $67 in January. Already the cost of producing hydro is cheaper. This also means that the cost of producing water may reduce since some water treatment plants use fossil fuel. Therefore, the country can use the money from electricity to settle the cost of using water in urban households with proper water piping system. By the way most rural households do not enjoy the services of GWCL. It sounds free and it is free for the rich not the poor.

The President mentions that Non State Actors and State alike are contributing to the COROFUND and we have made Ghc8m so far. My harmless question is, Is it the COROFUND or State that is giving the insurance, buying and supplying PPEs, feeding the vulnerable in Greater Accra and Kumasi, Paying the Ayalolo? If no, what does revenue realised from the fund used for? Or how has the money realized so far been used because the government ought to have told Ghanaians who is funding what?

I heard the state has procured 500 protect boots and these will be distributed across the country to about 2000 health workers who are at risky areas, I might have heard him wrongly but if what my ears tell me are true, then they are not enough. Why is the president saying it now? I thought these have been distributed to the districts directorates long ago.

For the freebies, thank you and l know most health workers will enjoy this but why not extend some allowances to the private health workers since some of them too maybe at risk because they may also come into contact with unknown patients of covid 19.

He repeated most of the things Kwadwo Oppong Nkrumah says on daily basis so l will appreciate more as a citizen if he limits himself to new things Ghanaians are yet to know.

Lets see how the implementation goes

I need a nurse girlfriend now…Any help?
Benjamin Nsiah

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