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NPP Apparatchiks Are Also Ghanaians; NDC Should Spare Us The Bluff On The 30% Nursing Training Admission Quota For The government

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In the last few days when I took notice of the rumored directive issued by the Ministry of Health to all Health Training Institutions to reserve a 30% admission quota for the ministry, I was elated and truly excited about such an approach. The inadvertent mode of denying vulnerable students who are passionate to be nurses is positively coming to an end.

However, the cliche bellicose nature of the minority caucus in parliament has exuded with their temerity to kick against such an exceptionally important directive on the premise that it will be given to NPP apparatchiks. In their press conference on Monday, 15 August 2022, they further bruited this directive as an attempt by the government to clear a path to make room for protocol admission for candidates with deep pockets and those who under normal circumstances would not gain admission hence a recipe for unbridled corruption”.

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Let me be blunt, assuming and not admitting that the 30% quota as gullibly envisaged by the NDC is given to students who are patriots of the NPP, is that so a behemoth cataclysmic in stymieing the country’s development? Are they not also Ghanaians? And in point of fact, is there any distinctive portion of the nursing training forms which allows students to indicate their political allegiance? If No, where lies your raucous?

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In the credence of existential facts about the mode of nursing training admissions, it is only a whited sepulchre like the NDC who will act as if this directive by the government is unfavourable.

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To succinctly note, we have missionary health training institutions that reserve quotas for their church members, community health training institutions that reserve quotas for their inhabitants, and others. Should we say then, that these institutions are doing so under the guise of corruption, favouritism and Nepotism? What of those that don’t belong to those churches nor leave in those communities, what quota is for them then? The answer to that is the 30% quota reserved by the government for such people. In a factual maxim, the government is for the people, not members of political parties.

We’ve had enough and got sickened of these antics by the opposition NDC in the face of a nationalistic approach by the NPP government. Insofar as the NPP apparatchiks are Ghanaians, the 30% quota will be given to Ghanaians. Unless they want to tell us that if it was their government, the said quota would have been given to their party members.

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My plea is for the government to ensure that deserving students are offered this admission devoid of political discrimination which portends a threat to the health status of this country. We need nurses who are enamoured with the profession and are readied to wholeheartedly serve this country. The nobility of the nursing profession lies in the onus on people that have the calling, and not people that meet the quota.

Long Live the Noble Profession

By: Nimoh Jesus, Former GNMTA National PRO

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