NPP Abanga Begins Nationwide Tour Ahead Of National Internal Contest

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The NPP National Youth Organizer, Fuseini Yakubu Abanga popularly known as “NPP ABANGA”, has begun its nationwide tour beginning with the Oti and Volta Regions.

The visits to the two Regions form part of his campaign schedule which include visits to all 16 Regions to interact with delegates and share with them his ideas and policies towards the party’s breaking the 8.

The young and energetic Abanga comes to the Youth Organizer race with vast experience in grassroots mobilization.
Together with his team, they first visited the Volta Region and later the Oti Region and interacted with regional and constituency youth organizers and their deputies as well as TESCON executives.

“I stated my policy of building an all-inclusive youth front that is resourceful. I encouraged the delegates to keep supporting the government’s policies and work harder for the party to break the eight-year streak.” The slogan “Obia B3 Didi (Everyone will have a share)” is a reflection of the man Abanga; caring, compassionate and considerate.

He holds the strong conviction that scholarships, business opportunities, public sector employment, travelling opportunities, welfare grants should trickle down to the last person. He understands there is joy in sharing and that peace is an end product of equal treatment.

He believes “we rise together when we share”. Abanga believes in hard work and it is a trait that leading members of the NPP – Sammi Awuku, Dr. Dominic Eduah, Nana B – can attest to.
He loves to work on the field, breaking new grounds and travelling to the hinterlands to organize for the party. Abanga energizes the youth base. His multilingual abilities and appreciation of the social, cultural and political demography of Ghana are his delightful gifts.

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