No Ghanaian artist has taken over half of Africa yet-Ahkan

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Delali Kukey
Delali Kukey
QueenDelaDela, Broadcast journalist very passionate about what i do.

Ahkan has revealed that he hasn’t seen any Ghanaian artist taken over half of Africa yet with music and personality than that of Nigerians.

The musician after going solo from Ruff & Smooth group has not be seen in the industry for quiet some years now and is now bounced back to push his career, Ahkan is well known for his creativity in writing songs.

Speaking to Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom plus fm, Ahkan said to him he hasn’t seen any Ghanaian artist that has taken over Africa and not even half of the continent yet than that of Nigerians and is as if we feel relaxed when we hit here.

According to him it is better to explore to other African countries when your music travels there so you can be known personally and your craft.He said Nigerians do that a lot of times when they realize their music is making waves in a particular country, Moving forward we the artist here can do more but needs to come together and push.

view video below.

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