My publicist Julie Jay still handles my old accounts and has taken me off it-Joyce Blessing

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Delali Kukey
Delali Kukey
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Gospel musician Joyce Blessing in an interview on Accra base Kingdom Plus 101.9 Fm discloses  that she do not have access to her old Social media accounts but her publicist who was working with her still handdles the accounts with her ex husband DAVID and she still deosn’t know why.

Speaking to Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom plus 101.9 Fm, The gospel musician narrated how her publicist has now taking full control over her Social media accounts and has taken her off it. When asked about her old account and why  she created a new one….she said

”My new account is not up to a month yet, My old account is still working and i know July Jay my former publicist is the one handling it with my ex husband and they have taken me off the accounts which i don not want to be stressing on that matter anymore. July Jay was not known as any of the popular bloggers and was recomended to us by Dan Lartey which we agreed working with her.  She didn’t have a full control over the accounts because we tell her what to post and what made her now get full control over the accounts is what i don’t want to talk about.

According to her, she do not want to talk about it because it has something attached to her marittal problems and when she talks about it then it more like she is trying to tell the general public about her marrital issues and still wants to keep things undisclosed.

She added that, the reason why she do want to explain her side on that is becasue her fans dont’t request for that but rather wants to hear her music and they always encourages her to stay focus and never give up because her songs are having greater impact in peoples lives.

Watch video below :

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