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one of the survivors of the June 3, disaster which plunged the country into a state of national mourning for three days after it claimed over 150 lives, has given a saddened remarks that even after six years of surviving that dreadful event his children still finds it difficult to ‘recognize’ him as their father.

Mr. Alex Mensah the victim who survived seven plastic surgeries revealed that after he was discharged from the hospital having been on admission for close 10months his children found it difficult to recognize him and are still in disbelief of his status as their father leaving him with horrible memories of the unfortunate incident.

In an interview on Kingdom FM Accra’s MAKOSEM with Okatakyie Obeng Mensah on Monday he said he sometimes feel very limited and isolated, he has pushing him to social alienation, due to his change in looks from his natural face before the incident.

”It is really worrying, I’m very devastated. My own children have doubt if I’m their father, they only believed through my voice. Soon after I was discharged and went home it was really ‘telling’. I took a longer time before they adapted, even sometimes they still doubt”, he said.

He added that his wife has been the one supporting him from any form of stigmatization he might have suffered.


In the middle of a heavy flooding and rainstorm mid-night Wednesday, June 3 2015, an explosion at Kwame Nkrumah Circle Branch of the GOIL filling station in the capital Accra, killed at least 150 people that plunged the whole nation into an official three-day national mourning.

The streets of the capital from the accident scene were littered with bodies while some were found in drains taking authorities weeks to clear the remnants of the disaster.

The morgues were congested with bodies and hospital authorities were overwhelmed with casualties from Ghana’s worst ever disaster that happened on June 3.

What many Ghanaians have coined the Black Wednesday years ago has imprints of sadness, and sorrow till date and likely to leave indelible scars in the minds of Ghanaians.

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