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Women are the most talked about human beings. They make the world a better place. It’s no doubt the world would be so boring without women.

We’re looking at the five most sensitive parts of the woman’s body. This is an article meant to educate and inform.

The first most sensitive part of a woman’s body is the nails.Women love their nails and would do anything to protect them because they enhance their beauty.

The second most sensitive part of a woman is the shoulders. A woman’s shoulder is created in such a way that it is so sensitive. If you put something heavy on her shoulder, like a padlock, she will definitely react and get sad.

The third part is the head. This has to do with the hair. If a woman puts on wigs, that becomes so sensitive. If you pull the wig from her head she will automatically be annoyed and say hurtful things to you.

The fourth part is the area between the two eyes. This is the upper part of the nose. Most women prefer to keep this place safe because it is so sensitive.

The last but not least is the eyebrows. The eyebrows tend to give women the most appealing look. They give the first impression and therefore contribute largely to how a woman looks.

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