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Some struggles people in a relationship never talk about

There are a number of things that happen in relationships but the people in them don’t exactly talk about. Lol. It’s nothing really serious but here are 4 struggles they can all relate to.

Having to buy gifts even when you’re broke

In as much as it’s not exactly “by-force” you just know deep down in your heart that your partner would be expecting something other than your presence and so you need to get money to buy that little something; even if you’re broke.

Struggles with whether or not when someone gives you a compliment, it’s flirting

It’s always hard to know how to acknowledge compliments, especially those from the opposite sex. You have to keep your responses respectful and move on so nobody starts getting any ideas or it seems as if you’re leading people on.


Almost everyone is in this boat. A lot of people see what you see in your partner and so there will always be suitors. The insecurities get even worse if your partner is very good looking. Everyone wants a piece of them. You trust your partner but sometimes, it feels like the part of you that is jealous will win.

Balancing friendships and spending time with your partner gets hard

It’s always hard. You want to spend every free time with your partner but you still want to go out and have fun with friends. It can be a struggle sometimes but you just have to make a conscious effort to be there for both sides.

Most long-term partners go through phases of feeling stuck in a rut or where you love each other but do not feel “in love”, and it’s natural that your relationship changes over time. Companionship, compatibility, shared history and knowing someone inside-out are often the things people value in long-term relationships, yet sometimes these get taken for granted. If these things don’t feel enough for you and you want to create more excitement, try to think about what needs to happen, then talk to your partner. Try to be part of the solution to getting out of the rut rather than complaining about your partner’s role in getting you stuck.

You can end up feeling unappreciated or neglected when one partner isn’t giving enough time to the relationship, by working long hours or prioritizing children, for example. Discuss this. What do you both offer to the relationship? How does the division of labor work for you? Sometimes it’s about communication – for example, your partner values what you do for them but doesn’t say it. Help yourselves feel appreciated by noticing and telling each other.

By: Kenneth Daniel Appiah /

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