Men are more likely to have small testicles and a low sperm count if they eat junk food, a study has found.

Research shows those who eat a diet rich in fish, chicken, fruit, veg and water produce the most sperm and have the biggest testicles.

Eating processed foods and red meat has the opposite effect, Harvard University found.

Junk food reduces fertility of men aged 18 to 20, a study says (Image: Getty Images)

The findings come after researchers analysed the health and diet of 2,935 men with an average age of 19 during military service entrance exams.

The men’s testicle size was measured and the number, shape and swimming abilities of their sperm was also analysed, The Sun reports.

According to study leader Dr Feiby Nassan, men can boost their chances of becoming a dad by eating a balanced diet.

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