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Sandra Owusuwaa, a young lady in her early thirties narrates her heartbroken story on how almost all the young men in her community sleeps with her in a farm after her Aunty husband raped her at the age of teen (10).

‘’It wasn’t my wish to turn into a slay queen or side chick for sugar daddy’s, but the situation I found myself in, without any support from family drove me into the reckless art’’ she said.

Narrating how everything started, she said at the age of teen (10), her Anty husband raped her during a funeral ceremony they attended, after which he threaten her not to open up to anyone or else he (my Anty husband will kill me) but she told her grandmother the next day and the case was referred to the chief palace for spiritual cleansing.

Speaking on The Real Woman In Me Show on Kingdom TV, Sandra Owusua disclosed that her mum dumped her to her friend at Somanya in the Eastern Region when she was just a year old.
‘After my mother died I was taken to my grandmother in the village where life became very difficult for me, my grandmother couldn’t send me to school I had to struggle to survive’ she said.

She continued that growing up she started dating elderly men in order to survive and her friends lured her into prostitutions where in a day she could sleep with several men.

Sandra Owusuwaa who has now repented and turned into an evangelist has sent advice to young women to desist from exchanging their body for money.

‘’As I have given my life to Christ I urged my fellow young women to do same for salvation’’ she explained.

By: Queenel Delali Kukey / Kingdom plus 107.7 FM / Kingdom TV/ / / Ghana / 2020

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