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How To Prevent Skin Reactions After Shaving

Razor burn and dry, itching skin are both unpleasant side effects of shaving but they can all be avoided.

While shaving brings a soothing, fresh and refreshed feeling to some people, it can be a total discomfort to some.
Dark spots and bumps on any part of your body as a way of affecting one’s confidence especially ladies.

The level of comfort you feel when you can show off your underarms and legs without worrying about razor reactions or bumps. Some people think these irritations can’t be prevented. The good news is that it can be prevented.

The first step is to get a good shaving blade and an aftershave moisturizer. After doing this, follow the tips that would be provided below.

Here are the tips you need to prevent skin reaction after shaving.

  1. Trim the hair
    If you’re part of the people that allows their pubic hair to grow long before shaving them, you might need to have a trim first before you apply the razor. Use a scissor to trim the length of the hair, it goes a long way to reduce irritation.
  2. Don’t reuse your razors

Some people reuse their razors multiple times because they have no idea of its effect. It’s unhealthy to reuse razors. Sensitive skin tends to develop irritation after using a previously used razor.

How to prevent skin reactions after shaving 1

Don’t shave dry skin

Always use shave cream. Shave creams are packed with skin-protecting lubricants that help your razor glide across your face and can help hold in hydration as you shave. When the hair is hydrated, it swells and softens, allowing your razor to glide through the hair more easily. This can result in less tug and pull, less scraping on your skin, and less irritation.

How to prevent skin reactions after shaving 2

Tread lightly
Getting overly aggressive with your razor is the fast track to razor burn. You can’t afford to rush off shaving. The skin on your body is sensitive. Shave with the grain and a slight amount of pressure to help avoid razor burn, irritation, and cuts.

Wash off and moisturize

After shaving, it’s advisable to wash the area with warm water, then cold water after and pat dry. Don’t rub it! Rubbing is just an invitation for disaster. Then apply the aftershave or moisturizer that contains Aloe Vera. It would soothe the area and prevent irritation.

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