1. How do you position her in bed?
  2. What do you eat before sex
  3. How do you romance her during sex?
  4. Do you jump on her demanding sex?
  1. For positioning: It is very critical when it comes to s3x. Some of the positions will not let the woman enjoy the s3x because your inability to hit the woman’s orgasm makes s3x not enjoyable for the other. Today we will learn one of the positions that will enable a man to hit the female orgasm. Irrespective of your pen. First, raise the legs of the female partner around her shoulder you will see her waist will push toward you and the orgasm will also push forward that will help your pen to hit the orgasm for her to scream.

2.Before you sex your partner, as a man, make sure you avoid intake of drinks that are high in sugar because it will make you release or discharge as early as possible. That is what some ladies call some guys as two minutes show. Avoid it now is not helpful at all because it does not grow the relationship.

3. For two parties to enjoy good s3x there should be a strong romance for the woman’s v*gina to get wet before the male organ (p3nis) will enter. This will not make the woman feel pain and run away from you when you need s3x because this is one of the things that make women run away from some men. Long romance also helps men to go on a long journey. So from now onwards learn to romance your fiancee.

4. Jumping on your partner to demand s3x is not healthy at all it even makes penetration difficult for the man and more painful for the woman. It should be done by the consent of the two parties that will bring respect among them. Even if the later do not want it to find a sweet way of drawing his or her attention to it. By honee her, darling her praising her to forget about what happened at her place of work or the stress she has gone through the day.

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