July 30, 2021
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Five Sex Positions to Stimulate Her G-Spot

Flat Doggy Style Doggy style is super-hot. To improve the chances of giving your partner an orgasm, have her lie flat on her stomach. This gives you even deeper penetration, allowing the head of your penis to more easily curve toward the inside of her vagina.

To amplify the position further, have her use her favorite wand vibrator for a double ride. Opt for something larger, such as a Le Wand ($170, buy it here ). Underneath her for a double ride. Shell gets the clitoral stimulation she needs, as well as intense internal pleasure. You can add a pillow under her hips if she has any lower back pain.

3) Sit to Stand Have your partner lie at the edge of the bed with her butt as close to the end as possible. Stand next to the bed and enter her. You can either put her legs around your waist or over your shoulders, whichever is more comfortable. In this position, youll be able to thrust deeply while also stimulating her clitoris. This is a great position to bring in a small vibrator like the Fin finger vibe ($79.95, buy it here ). You can also try putting a pillow underneath her to tilt her pelvis upward for optimum internal stimulation.

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4) Oral at an Angle The real issue with internal stimulation is that the G-spot is located at an upward angle, behind the pubic bone region. This makes reaching it with your penis difficult. To optimize her pleasure while simultaneously providing clitoral stimulation, try using a G-spot wand during oral sex. We love this stainless steel wand from NJoy ($129.99, buy it here ), which is specifically designed to reach that nerve-rich area in her vagina. Combine this internal stimulation while drawing circles around her clitoris with your tongue. You will not be disappointed.

5) Open-Legged Spoon This take on the classic spoon position gives you that Sunday morning feel of lazy sex while simultaneously giving her the opportunity to lie back and focus on her pleasure. Have your partner lie on her back. Lie under her on your side. Enter her at a perpendicular angle.

She should be able to drape her knees over your side. Have her spread her knees so she has access to her clitoris. This is a fantastic position for both deep penetration and external clitoral stimulation. The combination will have her begging for more.

6) The Pearly Gates While you’re lying flat on your back, have your partner lie on top of you; her back should be on your chest. Then you can thrust up and into her. This position can really hit her G-spot because most penises when erect, aren’t at a 90-degree angle to the body. Most tilt upwards.

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The position works with your penis natural curvature allowing you to penetrate deeper. From this position, it’s also easy for either you or your partner to stimulate her clitoris.

7) Girl of Fire Girl on Fire is similar to classic cowgirl. However, instead of her leaning forward or remaining upright, have your partner lean back. She can place her hands on both sides of your body for support.

This simple twist creates more opportunities for internal stimulation. While shes leaning back, you have two free hands, one of which should be playing with her clitoris.

Source: menshealth.com

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