January 16, 2021
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The holidays always seem to arrive way too quickly, and usually by the time I even think about decorating with boughs of holly it has turned into ‘oh crap’ I forgot to buy Aunt Mary her annual set of dish towels and then also frantically calling the local bakery for my contribution to the cookie exchange. Ugh!

How about this year all of us overworked, frazzled procrastinators have a fun plan to keep us on track? A Christmas Bucket List filled with fun things to do can be that plan. Start this holiday bucket list in early December and it will not only keep you on a better schedule for the season, but the activities will also get you in the spirit of Christmas.

1. ✧ Mail a Letter to Santa

Get some fancy paper and sparkly pens to write a letter to Santa. His mailing address is hard to forget: Santa, North Pole. If you actually want a response from Saint Nicholas, here’s some instructions from USPS on how to properly write and receive a letter from Santa.

2. ✦ Attend a Tree Lighting Ceremony

Many cities or landmarks will have a ceremony honoring the lighting of their tree. It’s a night where crowds of people load up on hot cocoa, dress in their warmest attire and gather around the tree waiting for the flip of the switch.

3. ✧ Get Your Picture with Santa

Whether you have a child or are a child at heart (like me!), go to the local mall and get a cute snap of you with good ole Saint Nic. If you don’t want the typical holiday photo, check out these funny ideas: 30 Times People Put A Funny Twist On Pics With Santa In Malls.

4. ✧ Go to a Local Christmas Festival

Whether is be a festival of trees, parade of lights or a welcoming of Santa coming to town, attend a local festival in your city. My town has a wonderful silent auction event where local business owners decorate and donate a tree for a good cause. Then the city people can come and drink hot cider while perusing the dozens of trees (and hopefully outbidding each other!).

5. ✦ Leave Cookies for Santa Claus

Last, but not least for your Christmas bucket list, on December 24th leave cookies for Santa Claus…even if you don’t believe in him anymore. You can eat them in the morning!

6. ✦ Chop Down Your Own Christmas Tree

Although in the recent years it has become more common to replace a traditional Christmas tree with the plastic kind, nothing beats the Christmassy feeling and scent of having a real, lush tree in your living room for the season. Sure, you can always go shopping for one, but an actual festive holiday dream come true would be to chop your own perfect tree! As the US alone has over 15,000 tree farms to choose from, you’re bound to find a great one. Plus, at most places there are other Christmas activities for kids and families to enjoy. 

7. ✦ Make a Homemade Gift

There is always something special about giving and receiving a homemade gift (it’s a fun thing to do in any season!). It could be a glass frame with pressed wild flowers or pretty smelling soap or infused vodka—the possibilities are endless! I’m really loving these flavored salts with these cute glass jars.

8. ✧ Connect With an Out of Town Friend

The holiday season is the perfect time catch up with an old friend that you haven’t connected with in a while. So, give them a quick call or text and set up a time to get together.

9. ✧ Make a Garland for the Tree

Once you’ve chopped your chosen tree, how about trying your hand at making a festive garland to wrap around it? The Internet is full of directions for how to make a garland as well as ideas for what kind of garland to make. Everything from candy cane garlands to delightfully smelling ones made with dried citrus.  I’m loving the cute Anthropoligie inspired Pom-pom Garland.

10. ✦ Make an Ornament

Put on your creative activity hat for this Christmas bucket list idea and make your own holiday ornaments for your tree or someone elses. Most craft stores carry clear bulbs (or you can buy them here) that can be filled with an array of festive things or get even more crafty with these 30 DIY Christmas ornaments. If you are not so crafty, StayGlam has got you covered with their easy DIY ornaments.


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