January 28, 2021
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Renowned Counselor, Rev Charlotte Oduro has descended on married who lead promiscuous lives describing their actions as one that has contributed to the sudden rise of ‘slay queens’ in the country.

According to the outspoken counselor, most married men are the reason why some young women have become lazy and unproductive in life.

‘The men shower these ‘slay queens’ with cash and material things in exchange for sexual pleasure. This is just prostitution in another form which has to be disbanded in our society’ she disclosed.

Speaking on ‘The Real Women In Me’ Show On Kingdom TV and Kingdom FM 107.7
the counselor Charlotte advised young ladies to work hard and strive to make a living and stop depending on married men.

She further cautioned young ladies to stay away from married men and focus on their dreams and aspirations.

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Source: Virgin Blogger

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