LGBTQ Society Should Not Be Condemned-Rev. Frimpong Manso

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The board member of the National Cathedral Board of Trustees, Rev. Frimpong Manso, has said that members of the LGBTQ community should not be condemned for their sexuality but be accepted for their knowledge and intelligence.

The Rev. Frimpong Manso added that the board of members and the trustee were not aware of the contractor’s sexuality till he expressed his views during an argument that LGBTQ members are humans and deserve to be treated equally.

“Do you ask for the sexuality of a driver or pilot when you board a car or a plane, do you ask for the sexuality of the contractor who builds your house, and are you asked of your sexuality when you go searching for a job?” he added.

LGBTQ Society Should Not Be Condemned-Rev. Frimpong Manso

He further said, even if the contractor of the National Cathedral is an LGBTQ, his skills and knowledge is more important than his sexuality.

Rev. Frimpong Manso indicated that the chairman and board members of the National Cathedral are respected men of God who have served in faith and truth and they are not going to jeopardize their dignity for anything do Ghanaians should not make an argument out of this.

He said this during the launch of the National Cathedral Week Celebration as the board commemorates the week to thank God for the country’s protection despite its struggles and issues and as the weekends, in unison, they pray for the establishment of the cathedral and to raise funds for its establishment.

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