It’s Wrong To Assume That Everyone With Dreadlocks Smokes Marijuana – Jah Lightning 

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Christopher Agbodo Ranson
Christopher Agbodo Ranson
A Blogger, Journalist and Writer

The smoking of ganja and the wearing of dreadlocks are two of the most well-known aspects of Rastafarianism in Africa. 

However, according to Jah Lightining, a talented reggae musician, the perception that all Rastamen smoke Ganja is false. 

In an interview with Dr Prekese on Onua Fm, Jah Lightning stated that attributing Ganja smoking to people with Dreadlocks is incorrect. 

When asked if he smokes “Ganja,” he stated that he is a vegetarian who enjoys all herbs.

Amongst the dozens of stigmas attached to marijuana, there are some that are so deep-seated into the culture that it has skewed perceptions to unrecognizable levels. 

There are many rumors around how marijuana became part of the Rastafarian way of life in the first place, but the truth is nobody can confirm this for sure.

The renowned composer and performer is currently out with a brand new song titled ““THINKING OF YOU” and it’s a available on all Digital platforms.

Source: Christopher Agbodo Ranson /Virgin Blogger 

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